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Results Ovine special Competition Ile de France to SPACE in Rennes (35) from 13 -16 September 2011:

1st and 3rd price in young rams with animals 10400 and 10176

1st and 2rd price in adults rams with animals VP 8178 and VP 9270

2rd price in lambs with VP 10123 VP 10124 VP 10196

                                                    patches of the competition SPACE RENNES

Results Ovine Regional Competition Ile de France the day of the sheep to Catigny (60) june 19th 2011:

1st price in lambs, presented by 3

2rd price in young

2rd in adults


Results Ovine Special Competition of the Race Ile-de-France at the top of the breeding to Cournon ( 63 ): Competition on October 6th 2010-Presentation and confrontation Swiss France on October 6-7-8th, 2010 near Clermont Ferrand.

3 presented rams: in young VP 0206: 3rd price
                              In adults VP 9050: 3rd price
                             In older rams VP 8178:1st price Price of Honor of the race (better male of breeding), Price of male Championship of the race Ile-de-France.
The lambs presented by three appear on the 6th place.

Each year we attend to "Salon International de l'Agriculture" (http://www.salon-agriculture.com/" target=?_blank/ ) held in Paris Porte de Versailles and every two years at "SIMA"  (http://www.simaonline.com/exposiumcms/do/admin/visu?reqcode=accueil" target=?_blankreqCode=accueil) agricultural hardware and breeding held in Paris Villepinte.


  Salon International de l'Agriculture PARIS 1988: VP 5126

For 2010: Results "Salon de l'Agriculture": Sheep Concours "Ile de France":

- Children 18 months shorn: 3rd price with the ram 9213 and 4th price with 9050 ram

- Children 18 months wool: 3rd price in accordance with the Ram 9270 and 3rd price wool with the same ram

-5th place with 18 months of ewe lambs presented a trio


For 2009: we were at the "Salon international Paris" : to 21 of february into 1st of march. 

Results of the Agricultural Open Competition of February 23 with 4 teg rams:

- ram 8153 gained the 3rd price conformation young people rams + 2rd price for wool.

- rams 8199 and 8202 were classified 4th and 5th in the section young people mowed rams.

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