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The farming has got 150 hectares (approx 333 acres) of cultivated land and 8 hectares of wood (20 acres). (http://www.metric-conversions.org/area/hectares-to-acres.htm" target=? )

Cultures are split between:

- 125 hectares of arable land (sugar beet, cereals, oilseed rape and fiels beans)

- 25 hectares of permanent meadows

But the main aspect of the farm is the flock of sheep. They are "ILE DE FRANCE" ovine selection, selected for its meat entered since 1945. The flock is quite large with 300 ewes and 60 rams, and each year 60 lambs renew the flock. Ewes are mainly herd for reproduction and rams for sale. The herd is in phase of increase to reach(affect) 350 ewes in 2010.

They are housed in the old's stables, monsatery and barns. As from year 2008, he was able to integrate(join) the new sheepfold (cf last joined(contacted) photo).  Only two barns  stock farm machinery and cereals.

Sheep of flock are competing since 1985 as best of its race in many events as many rewards prove it.  All colourful badges on wall are prices on various competitions. Reproductive ewes and rams are sold within France and as well exported in many countries such as South Africa, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, England, Switzerland, Brazil, Portugal, Belgium...




The farm